ARK: Launches $25k Modding Contest

ARK: Launches $25k Modding Contest

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ARK: Launches $25k Modding Contest
ARK: Launches $25k Modding Contest

Welcome to ARK Survival Evolved!

All of us are so excited for the releasing of Survival of the Fittest Hunger-Royale-style mode. This is considered as a streamlined version of Unreal Engined 4 editor, along with Epic Games Launcher. Those stuff will be utilized in modding competition with Alienware in which every player can create their maps or mods to get big awards.
We had already announced the Survival of the Fittest mode formerly. This brand new mode is about a shrinking arena full of opponent teams who are supposed to battle each other to collect supplies and become the final survivor or humans standing in the end. This mode is probably discrepant from the team-based game. You can check out the video below which was recorded by Stallwart RPS freelance heroes Andro Dars and Steven Messner:

There are so many tools available now so that you can use to enjoy this game mode. You will have to grasp the Epic Games Launcher traverse to the ARK tools download page to have them. Although it has discrepant launchers, it’s still compatible with Steam workshop, and you can even download and utilize those tools without owning ARK.
There are several weighty awards offering in this contest, with the rules are kind of gentle. Your mission is to generate either a map for the existing ARK game mode or a mod for creating your own game mode. Probably, you can perform both of this. After doing, the uploading and voting will occur like this:
Round 1: Under the image caption for your screenshot, name your Mod, add the Steam Workshop link and a description of approximately 500 characters to describe how your entry best meets the judging criteria. It is also recommended that entrants add a link to a YouTube video showcasing the Mod.

In round 1, entries will be voted on and judged based on the following equally weighted Screenshot Judging Criteria:
Does the Entry look and sound engaging?
Does it look like it would be fun to play?
Judging Score Weighted: 75% / Public Voting Score Weighted: 25%
Round 2: If your entry is selected as one of the top 10, the ARK: Survival Evolved developers will judge the finalists based on the following equally weighted Mod Judging Criteria to determine the final order of finish:
Overall graphical or functional quality/polish
Entertainment value (how fun is it to play?)
When you are done those things mentioned above, you will have a chance to receive lots of awards, like this:
1st Place: $15,000 USD, Alienware Area-51 Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI Graphics Card
2nd Place: $5,000 USD, Alienware X51 Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card
3rd Place: $2,500 USD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card
The entries will be in by the 6th of October and all of them will be evaluated based on the developer insight and public awareness. If you want to try playing ARK, you can join and play! It’s already on Steam Early Access for £18.39 at 20% off.

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