ARK: The Future Plans Popular Grind

ARK: The Future Plans Popular Grind

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ARK Survival Evolved is one of the most famous survival game that is available on Steam now. The game has caused strong impression on most of the players. Therefore, so many people pondering on the reason why this game could maintain its popularity so far. From the conversation between the RPS and the co-creative director Jesse Rapczak, we can guarantee that ARK will have awesome future plans as well as the popular grind for the player.
ARK is taking the next step and move forward when the v.10 comes out for an early access game. There will be lots of updates and, of course, the bugs in the game that might happen in future. Therefore, the game developers do hope the players to keep the pace up with the versions of the patch notes or digest including lots of information that they might really need to know. Also, there will be an awesome event that will be organized in ARK Survival Evolved game. It’s called ARK Survival of the Fittest! This is such a highly anticipated event that draws the attention of the players. The mode is targeted at the one who wish to experience in ARK world, particularly for streaming. You can explore the video relating to this event as shown below!

Speaking of the grinding, as we know, survival games consist of lots of grinds. In the ARK world, there are lots of activities that the players need to fulfill, like cutting trees, gathering berries, domesticating dinosaurs. There are several people considering if there is any merit for grinding. According to the developers, they said that they really wanted the grind for the progression so that you won’t redo anything you have done already whenever you get doomed. With this grinding mechanic, you won’t be scared anymore every time you die.
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