ARK: Full Guide for Beginner

ARK: Full Guide for Beginner

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ARK Beginers Guide
ARK: Beginers Guide

Hello, survivors!

Thanks for showing your support to the ARK Survival Evolved game! We are pleased to give you a full guide for beginner for the purpose of helping you guys on how to survive and where to start when entering the ARK world! The following guide as shown below here can be taken from private experience and some studies sourced from Wiki. You guys are advised to take a look or read more details prior to taking up your epic quest!

However, before entering the straight issue, we want you to learn about the one who has vanquished the ARK Game for a while and shared his thoughts on the game. There will be some information quoted from him, including the experiences, tutorials and test configuration to join the game!

About him

  • An administrator of a clan of PC Gamers called[AUR] Aussie Rebels
  • 2 competitive Insurgency teams and the big community called InsurgencyANZ
  • Current position: Hosting an ARK server after beginning to enjoy ARK game for a while.

To fully comprehend the content, here is the list of full information regarding the sections that can instruct you prior to entering the ARK Survival Evolved game!

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Are you ready to get started before beginning your adventure! You are supposed to know what and where to start from! In this section, we will bring you some basic details about the settings, no sky effects, the memory as well as the map and the spawn point to help you understand your first step!


Normally, the ARK Survival Evolved game will run roughly unless you have an adequate PC. Update has been added repeatedly to make it run well for individuals. As for you, you are probably supposed to tweak your settings and release the accurate version of the game to play it, without 3 FPS. As for beginners, you guys are suggested to launch ARK normally. If it runs difficulty, you decrease the settings but still runs rough, or if you advance the settings but it doesn’t work well, it’s time to check out other choices.

No Sky effects

No Sky effects

Using this option indicates that the sky doesn’t have moon, start or cloud effects, etc. Making it run smoothly. It won’t prevent things such as trees, dinosaurs, water, etc. from decreasing your speed, though. Just try this option, if you think that it is insufficient for your PC to get above 30 FPS, just try “Extremely Low Memory”.

Extremely Low Memory

With this option, you can develop the texture gradually and have a nicer visual to the game, while trying to remain better performance. Things still stay kind of fundamental and pixelated, though.

Too Dark?

Tap key TAB to open the command console and enter “Gamma #”, where # = 1 to 9 (eg.”Gamma 3″). This changes the in-game darkness, so you can see when the night comes, but it no longer works on official servers.


The map that the game occurs called “ARK.” Check out the images of the map as shown below here, which probably benefits the beginners. See the vast scale and adventurous topography?




Spawning can only work by choosing an area of the map from the spawn screen, like “North Zone 1” and click to spawn in. You will see that you wake up on the beach in that big spawn area. Try running for a while and you will still be inside the same area. But, it is very useful to take a re-spawn in the common location of teammates, away from the voracious players, nearby your body to take the gear back, etc. Check out the spawn map here, but probably it is out of date or discrepant a little bit as they update frequently.

Spawning works by selecting an area of the map from the spawn screen, such as “North Zone 1” and then clicking to spawn in. You will wake up on the beach of that spawn zone, which can be quite large. You can run for a while and still be inside the same zone, however, it is still helpful to respawn in the general area of teammates, away from aggressive players, near your body to retrieve gear, etc.. A map of the spawns is shown here, but this may be out of date or slightly different as they update so frequently.


Read more information at here!

Do you know how to tweak your settings before playing the ARK game? Come and check it out as well as explore the map and spawn locations here!

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