ARK: HUD Inventory And Chat

ARK: HUD Inventory And Chat

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Inventory is a place that can store your collected or crafted items. There are some sections appearing in the inventory that you may need to know!

Preview Inventory and Chat
Preview Inventory and Chat

Inventory Sections

  1. Main Inventory: The items that you gathered or crafted will turn up in this inventory. Make sure you store things in full stacks. The “Inventory tips”, as shown below, will guide you on moving items and keeping inventories tidy.
  2. Hot bar: With this Hot Bar, you can put items here, and you can use them by pressing the corresponding number.
  3. Other inventory: You are visiting the inventory of an item/dino. This contains items that permit crafting, like Mortar and Pestle and Smithy. For crafting items, you need to put them inside and double click the item engram.
  4. Equipped Items: Here are your equipped items. Some items like clothing, glasses or others will be included. The cloth will act as armor and aesthetics.
  5. Character Stats: Check out your stats and levels section. Your current status and maximums will be displayed. When leveling up, you can enhance these and obtain Engram Points which can be utilized to unlock more craftables. Check out “Leveling Up” for further information.

Inventory Tips

Inventory Hot-Keys

HotKey                                 Function
F Bring up Others Inventory
Shift-click and drag Split stacks of materials in half.
Control-click and drag Transfer one item out of a stack.
Double-click Equips armor or moves in/out of inventory.
Shift + Double-click Take 5 units from a material stack.
Control + Double-click Take 1 unit from a material stack.



Different from berries, meat can give a substitute item when spoiling. For more things, like Narcotics, spoiled meat, they are needed to be gathered. If you want to spoil meat more quickly, you just simply need to unstack them, and they will spoil all simultaneously.

Preview Meat
Preview Meat


Function Key
ALL Chat Enter
TRIBE Chat /
Toggle AutoHide \
Scroll Up PgeUp
Scroll Down PgeDown

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