ARK: HUD Status Bar

ARK: HUD Status Bar

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Since ARK is a survival game, you are supposed to learn about your status whenever join the battle or do the missions on your quest! Hunger, stamina, health, weight, thirst are all the basic indicators that you kind of meet! So, please check them out carefully!

HUD Intro

Firstly, you have engaged in a server or probably singplayer/local play. You are supposed to learn what can see! The HUD (stands for Heads Up Display) is described below. Use the “backspace” to toggle it on and off.

Status Bar

At the bottom right of your screen, the status bar of characters will be shown. From top to bottom, here is the summary!



  • Experience: This displays your experience. It will increase, and when it’s full, you will level up. For further information, check out the “Leveling Up” sub category.
  • Weight: This displays your weight. When it fills, you will get more hindered. This will decrease your speed slowly, to a halt eventually. Make an effort to dodge carrying too much weight. Achieve a Storage Box as soon as possible.
  • Thirst: This is your thirst level. When it’s full, your thirst is extinguished. When it decreases, you will get thirstier. When it’s empty, you will get damaged and die eventually. To refill your thirst, you need to swim in any water. You can create a Water Skin and replenish in shallow water by using the item. This will refill your thirst and fill the water skin for you to drink later.



This is your hunger. It works just like thirst, but it is refilled discrepantly. If you are running low, try to eat some berries or meat. For more information, you can find further down this tutorial.


This displays your Stamina. It decreases when you run, jump, chop, fight, swim or more. And when it is down to zero, you can only walk. If you are swimming, it decreases repeatedly, until you drown. You can jog/run to retrieve stamina back instead of awaiting it to run out, and you are forced to walk.


This displays your Health. It can be refilled easily with a lot of cooked meat or blood bags. You will lose health anytime you hit something with your hands.

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