ARK: Hunting And Cooking

ARK: Hunting And Cooking

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Feel excited for the hunting and cooking performance in ARK? You should be like that because this will help you prove your skills for surviving!

Why hunt so early?

Hunting is a significant activity that you need to fulfill to survive. You need to do it after getting basic tools. You can get meat easily from diminutive things like Coel (fish) and Dodo’s. You can harvest the raw meat from dead bodies. Then, cook it and eat the cooked meat. It’s still better than berries, but you will still need raw meat, to feed your pets or tamed dinosaurs and spoil it faster and make narcotics.

Preview Status Effects ARK Numbered
Preview Status Effects ARK Numbered

Easiest Hunt

Dodo’s and Coel (fish) are the best! Use your bare hands to slay them, or you can use a pick/hatchet. You can also slay Dodo’s, knock them out if you get full health and dodge their spit. Punching them will wipe them out, so once it is out, just use a better tool to kill and harvest it. To obtain more Raw meat from any creature, you can use a pick, for more Hide, use a hatchet. If you go hunting, just use a spear for Dilo’s and use a Pick for the diminutive animals.


Now, you are done killing some naïve Dodo’s, or some Dilo’s. Don’t start to eat raw meat, it should be used for turning it into spoiled meat, or to feed Carnivorous Dinosaurs. You can cook and eat the rest of the raw meat. It’s extremely better than berries.

Preview Campfire
Preview Campfire

How to cook meat:

  • Craft & Put Campfire
  • Open Campfire Inventory
  • Add Wood/Thatch
  • Add Raw Meat and ignite fire

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