ARK: Patch Notes – Current v170

ARK: Patch Notes – Current v170

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Patch Notes – Current v170

Welcome to ARK Survival Evolved!

Today we are announcing the Patch Notes for the current version 170 in the ARK game! Keep calm and see what is going to be added as well as fixed!

Current version:

Added the lost “Spyglass” engram (like binoculars) which activates you for crafting the upcoming glasswares. Transferred the “Scope” Weapon Attachment to level 30, down from level 40
Balance: Fist Damage decreased by 20%, Argentavis AI aggressiveness decreased by 25%, Tranq Arrow-Power advanced by 20%, Slingshot Torpidity Power reduced by 10%
Decreased the rate by 75% that food spoils in the inventory of an NPC creature.
Carried out a “Low Memory (4GB RAM) and “Low Memory DX10” launch options decreasing the graphics and audio effects for saving around 800 MB RAM, be able to activate 4GB RAM for players to get past infinite-loading screens
Re-executed the animated movie loading screen, some graphics on the “Play Local” menu were repaired, revealed numerous gameplay selections to the “Play Local” menu, so you are able to adjust your own server or local play experience.
Added a selection to cover the Server Name from your Pause Menu, no need to expose the server that the streamers are playing on.
Selfie orbit cam, [K] by default, now impinge on structures geometry so that you can’t use it for spying into other houses of the players
Added 3 “PvP-Hardcore-OfficialServers” for the real hardcore
Attached the MapPlayerLocation command argument for player-hosted servers. When being used, it will exhibit the present player location on the 3D map
Populated diminutive rocks across all the beaches of the ARK world, not only in the Southern coasts.

Advanced # of server search from 50 to 100

Filter “password protected” servers on the Steam backend, rather than locally, to give back more servers


Repaired a Localization crash

AZERTY French keyboards can rebind keys exactly at present
The first DirectX10 Shader Model 4 support –ubersky will not render. And decreases the game memory footprint by 400MB as well
Player depending on the server browser is precise and exact currently
Getting “Winded” in water doesn’t hinder you completely from swimming upwards anymore, now you can swim upwards more slowly and you will be less likely to drown for sure

Pause Menu lists the Server name now

Server browser attaches the list of “Survivor’s Servers” on which you will have a survivor, Favorite Servers, and Friend’s Servers
Repaired a problem in which the NPC’s would not assault frequently at lower –FPS times on servers
Transmit the server messages that force the chat to turn up
Bonus item skins (Stomped Glasses, Cowboy Hat, Noble Saddle) are lasting, locked to the character and given again once re-spawning.
Graphical artifacts are repaired with water, waterline and underwater particles
Slingshot torpidity multiplier decreased a little bit
Inventory Key can be rebound currently

Previous Versions:

v1.608 (Client): The singleplayer-side post-load performance issue was fixed. 15-30 miliseonds per fram saved after loading the singleplayer on one of our test machines

v1.607 (Client): Two client and server crash cases were fixed
v1.602: Blackscreen problem needs to be repaired, more official servers were added, a few potential chat crashes were fixed
v1.601: Full servers will still pop up in server-list at present
v1.60: Listing/Refreshing of servers repaired
v1.557: Chatbox won’t be opened in singleplayer games anymore
The game content with 2K textures rather than 4K was rebuilt. This can help stop the disk and memory from thrashing which can have influenced the performance on some machines.
v1.556: Returned loading screen to static image, may get rid of the “black screen of death” when loading into singleplayer mode

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