ARK: Stating Tools

ARK: Stating Tools

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Basic Tools
Basic Tools

Basic Tools

  • Stone Pick: This is a basic tool which is available on character spawn, after collecting the resources ((1 x Wood + 1 x Stone + 10 x Thatch). It will also work as a weapon, but it is not the best substitute. Obtains more thatch, raw meat, and flint than wood, hide, and stone. To obtain the resources, you need to collect loose rocks, and hit some trees as well. Remember, whenever you hit or punch something, you will lose health.
  • Stone Hatchet: This is a basic tool that you need to unlock, with just 2 Engram Points first. It will also work as a weapon, but it is not the best substitute. Try to gain more wood, hide and stone than thatch, raw meat, and Flint. Costs 1 x Wood + 1 x Flint + 10 x Thatch.
  • Torch: It’s already available on character spawn, when you are done collecting resources (1 x Wood + 1 x Flint + 1 x Stone). This will help you see when the night comes, and you should craft it as soon as possible.

Recommended Items

  • WaterskinSpear: This basic tool needs 6 engram points first to be unlocked. This item will work as a water bottle, you can refill your thirst without jumping into the water for swimming. You can fill it up by stepping into the shallow water and using this item (hot bar or main inventory). The drawback is that it flows slowly.
  • Spear: This is the first basic weapon that you can unlock. It can smash at the unluckiest times, so, you’d better carry multiple, but watch out, it can weigh you down a bit. You can use the spear (click left-mouse) to kill animals/dinosaurs/players, or throw it if you click the right Then, you can enhance to the “Pike. But it can’t be released, or the bow, but that has no melee option.
  • Wooden Bow: It can be used with Stone Arrows or Tranq arrows after level 20, you must obtain the bow as soon as possible. Stone arrows can be used to annihilate players or dinosaurs from a distance/height. Use Narcotics to turn Stone arrows into Tranq Arrows:
  • Campfire: You should unlock and craft this tool as soon as possible. With this tool, you can turn Raw meat into Cooked meat, which can refill more hunger and health than berries. It can give you light at night. Ignite the fire with Wood or Thatch. Attach some wood/thatch and Raw Meat, and then light, to cook it.

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