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ARK: Tribes

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The ARK World
The ARK World

Tribe in the ARK world can be a good occasion for you to meet new friends, new people! Why is it so important like that? Want to know? You can find out by yourself and check out how to build up your own tribe!

Why Tribes?

As we know, working in a team will bring us big advantage over working independently. Not only will you level up more quickly, but also you don’t need to use Engram Points on things that others can investigate and make for you. For instance, if some people in your tribe are available, you will level up more quickly. In addition, 1 person can learn constructions, 1 clothing, 1 weapon and more. The picture, as shown above, illustrates a small tribe in our server who rank up and work as a team to tame Dinosaur

Tribe Actions

  • Make a Tribe:
  • Tap key “L” to open Tribe Manager and give your tribe a name.
  • The begin inviting people (check out below)
  • Invite people to your Tribe:

Walk up to each other, tap and hold key E for options

Move your mouse over “Invite to Tribe” and click

For the second person, just does the same but “Accept Invite” instead

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