Survival Evolved: Patch Notes – Current v190

Survival Evolved: Patch Notes – Current v190

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Patch Notes – Current v190


Be ready to explore what is new in the ARK Survival Evolved game with Patch Notes current v190 and the upcoming version 192! Also note, don’t forget to tune in the new subsequent event called Collidable Saddle Platform & Build-on-Saddles in the game! You can build anything you want up from them! Check this example out:

[More notes are coming up soon] A little further out:
Diminutive and big Bear Traps, for hard-stopping gamers and Dinosaurs in their tracks
Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky
The competitive game type called “ARK: Survival of the Fittest”
Special representative “on-ground” meshes for the dropped objects
[More notes are coming up soon] Upcoming Version: v192.0, Friday Night EDT
Repaired Function and Middle Mouse Wheel keybindings can work once again
Sickle now yields 3x the amount of Fiber it was previously harvesting per stroke.
Numerous discrepant spectator camera and control enhancements
Canteen can be correctly full at a Water Tap
The earliest servers have the lost engrams: Feeding Trough and Sickle
Now you can identify the Mod ID’s, not maps or paths, automatic built in downloading and updated of the content, no more manual file copying, because the system for hosting the dedicated server mods is better!
Numerous Dino Damage overlays and now correctly disbands away
Current Version: v191.0
ARK Items and Engrams Indices v191:


v191.1 Hotfix: Windows controller assistance (Xbox 360 controller etc) works correctly again.
New Creature: Trilobite, your brand new favored renewable source of Chitin, Silica, and Oil
New Metal Sickle weapon to harvest the Fiber from seed-plants
New Modern Polymer Canteen Item keeps up to 300 water and utilized 100 per sip.
The maximum amount of Tamed Dinos is currently server-customizable value, and boosted up the default by 1000. Use the ?MaxTamedDinos=4000 commandline argument, or attach MaxTamedDinos=4000 to your ServerSettings in your GameUserSettings.ini if you want to adjust
Enhanced the loading speed, RAM usage, and streaming performance
Redone painting UI to permit changing colors and re-dying brushes from directly within the painting UI
You can use water jars twice, with 100 water restored per sip
Reparied exploit which can help characters get through walls in edge case
PvE can’t attach or decrease the transponders on non-ally tamed Dinos or Players anymore
More various Admin UI functionality and commands, they will be listed on the updated Admin UI
Mac Gamepad input repairs. Get yourself a driver for Xbox 360 gamepad on Mac OS here:
Compound Bow has 5x more powerful durability, less camera shake when pulling
Admin Spectator camera + spectator-controls UI

ARK Dev Kit
ARK Dev Kit

For using the admin spectator, any admin can use:
cheat enablespectator
stopspectating will kick you out of spectator all the time
Please note, being a spectator can make your player character get doomed, you will take the re-spawn when you leave the spectator mode
For using the non-admin spectator, the server need to identify a spectator password just like in the GameUserSettings.ini:
[ServerSettings] SpectatorPassword=mypassword
or via commandline
Then any customer can use this console command:
requestspectator mypassword
Please note, the game will memorize your spectating state even after restoring save data and or reconnect, so you can stay in spectator mode on a server forever if you want
Some spectator controls:
Ctrl-N to show a list of players to jump to
Left click to add to the player in front of you
Left Click and Right Click to cycle attached player
Spacebar to separate
Shift to Fly Fast
Ctrl to Fly Slow
Mousewheel to customize the fly speed
Shift + f1-f10 to save camera locations, and f1-f10 to teleport to them
v190.01 Hotfix: Linux has the complete gamepad support which are for standard gamepads and Steam Controller. You can get yourself a driver for Xbox 360 gamepad on Mac OS here:
Unversioned Hotfix: Linux Dedicated server “player respawn/fast-travel” crash fixed
Advanced Max Player level to 74 and Max Dino level to 50
New music was attached to character creation UI
Some lost FPV melee animation hit notifications were repaired, damage type on slingshot melee was repaired
Increased the minimum bow damage for shortest-pulled arrows to 50%
Dino Hurt-Damage Blood overlay was attached
Tribes have a brand new government selection to whether only Admins can unclaim Tribe Dinos
The singularity name of the tribe on a server is implemented now
+75% stone harvesting from stone sources
Compound Bow & Armor-and-Hide Piercing Metal Arrows
Advanced to 4.0 Difficulty on Official Server Network
Repaired Dinos (Scorp, Anky, etc) getting immovable on Server when swimming and assaulting
Bonus items on re-spawn
Repaired some small exploits
Attached Mate-Boosted icon
Stackable Mod support! To use it from the menu in the game, just go to the “Host Game” menu and choose a map and a list of mods to stack. For identifying the stacked mods by copying over the Mod files, then you can identify the Steam Publish File ID’s in the server’s GameUserSettings.ini like this
Or you can use a Commandline to release it like this:
ShooterGameServer.exe /Game/Mods/485317707/halo?listen?GameModIds=222SomeMod222,333Shield333
Check out this example:

Note: the customers don’t need to install any of the mods when connecting to the server. They will download them all automatically, install them and accomplishing connecting
ARK Dev Kit: Better mod features to attach engrams to structures and remap items

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