ARK: Community Tips

ARK: Community Tips

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ARK: Community Tips
ARK Community Helper Competition

This helper competition is about submitting a tip below 100 words that are worth sharing. Below here are some original posts of the

players showing their tips:
Originally posted by NoggDog:

TIP: Be careful where you choose to build your housing, as you must juggle the needs of water and food, safety from carnivorous Dinos, and resources.

ARK: Community Tips
ARK: Community Tips

Originally posted by Casper xMapop:

TIP: Tamed Creatures/Dinos do not need food unless you want them to heal although it is still recommended.

Originally posted by Slyther Whitewing:

TIP: If you press insert, you’ll open up local chat (proximity based). Use this so you don’t end up clogging global.
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