ARK: Introducing the Dimorphodon

ARK: Introducing the Dimorphodon

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ARK Survival Evolved: Introducing the Dimorphodon

What’s big and hot news in ARK Survivor Evolved game? Hey, be ready to welcome out new buddy named Dimorphodon! This is a Jekyll-and-Hyde creature founded on the island. It’s kind of passive and sometimes even friendly. Dimorphodon is barely a meter tall; it should be low on the food chain. However, it is extremely fast and usually bite strongly, which makes them sometimes fairly perilous. This creature usually stays close in groups of 2-5, but you rarely see them alone! They always use the raptor tactic (means hit and run) when fighting and start darting towards you.
That’s just principle information of Dimorphodon! New further detail will come up soon! Keep calm and wait for it, guys!

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