ARK: Map Tips

ARK: Map Tips

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There are some basic tips that you need to explore when stepping into the ARK world! Discover now!

Map Basics

As mentioned in “Getting Started,” the map is kind of big, but it shows a simple grid system. Tap key M to open the map and have a look at it. It is covered with fog, and when venturing around, it will clear out the fog or draw the map. Some useful tips and advices also are included here.


Nav Tips

• How to Read Longitude/Latitude
– Read Up/Down, and then Left/Right (xx, yy)
– Corner of 4 grids = x0,y0 (20,40)
– Vertical border of 2 grids = x0, y5 (10,35)
– Horizontal border of 2 grids = x5, y0 (25,20)
– Middle of a grid = x5,y5 (15,55)
• Set Markers:
– Tap key P
– Add Longitude, Latitude & a short name
– Tap Ok, then bring up your map (“M”) and view marker
• The servers can have MapPlayerLocation either on/off. Hence, sometimes, you can or can’t see your pin showing on the map that illustrates your location. If you don’t see it, don’t panic! The navigation will become easier when you know what spawn locations to use.
Now, you can unlock, know and craft a compass at level 10, just only use 5 Engram Points, 5 metal, 5 flint and 30 fiber. You can put it in the Hot Bar and after equipping, you will see that you are heading for the controlling, to take a closer look, just hold right-click.

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