ARK: Storage And Base Basics

ARK: Storage And Base Basics

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After gathering some resources, you were trying to survive for longer than 5 minutes and be able to obtain more without being stopped. It’s time for using needful items to help you survive

Useful Items

Item Level Engrams Resources Function
Campfire 2 3 12 Thatch, 1 Flint, 16 Stone, 2 Wood Provides light, warmth & cooks
Hide Sleeping Bag 3 3 25 Hide, 15 Fiber Single use respawn point
Storage Box 5 6 25 Wood, 20 Thatch, 10 Fiber Holds 12 stacks (unlimited weight)
Standing Torch 5 6 3 Wood, 8 Thatch, 1 Flint, 1 Stone Provides light & warmth
Simple Bed 5 8 15 Wood, 80 Thatch, 30 Fiber, 40 Hide Reusable respawn point for Tribe
Large Storage Box 15 9 50 Wood, 35 Thatch, 25 Fiber Holds 30 stacks (unlimited weight)

Burn Rates

You can ignite the fires, cook meat or doing something else with the numerous resources. The table as shown below here will list the burn rates. The preserving bins or the cooking pots were moved out because they are not probably needful for the base items at this early point.


Object Wood Thatch Sparkpowder
Campfire 30 7.5 60
Standing Torch 400 100 800

My System

Bear in mind that when you rank up, you will be able to unlock more, you tame Dinosaurs and probably engage in or create your own tribe and finally, you will get a colossal base with tons of loot and Dino’s. Keep calm and stay tuned for “Advanced Guide” with further information. The ones as shown below here are my priorities when establishing a camp.


ARK: Storage And Base Basics
ARK: Storage And Base Basics

1. Gather wood, thatch, flint and stone (you can craft the pick and hatchet)
2. Gather berries and fiber (absorb berries)
3. Hunt for Dodo’s and Dilo’s to get raw meat and hide
4. Gather sufficient resources for Campfire and Storage Box
Setting Up Camp
1. Craft & Put Campfire (Cook & eat meat)
2. Craft and Put Storage Box (s)
3. Start working on a thatch hut (Thatch Foundations first*)
4. Craft and Put simple bed on foundation
5. Accomplish thatch hut (ceilings, door, walls)
6. Enhance Storage Box (s)
* Different from hide sleeping bag, you can reuse a simple bed, the entire tribe can also reuse it. However, you need to put it on foundations, ceilings, floors…

Theft Prevention

When you put an item like a Storage Box or Door, your Tribe can be visited it. To lock the Storage Box, just make a Pin Code. You can create any code based on whatever you want, you like, however, random it is, just like you never ought to get in it, only the ones that you give the Pin Code to, for sharing items, at which point you can delete or create a new Pin Code, if you wish. As for the doors, it is just like the Storage Box. However, it can be locked or unlocked and have a Pin Code as well, which means you can give someone a Pin Code and open it to people for the time being, then you can lock it again without changing or getting rid of the Pin Code.
Note: even if there is nobody who can get to your items, they can still damage the Storage Box or Doors to grief or obtain access to bases or do something else.

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