Ark Survival Evolved: Dodo

Ark Survival Evolved: Dodo

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Common Name Dodo
Group Birds
Species Raphus replicare
Time Late Holocene
Diet Herbivore
Temperament Oblivious
Egg Dodo Egg
Feces Size Small
XP For Kill 0.5 XP
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
 Very Common

Dodo is such a wonderful creature in ARK Survival Evolved game! It’s mainly hunted by most of the players for its tasty meat as well as a big amount of eggs. The source of food from this creature is very delicious and healthy, eating its meat and eggs can give you a bunch of nourishment.

Basic Info


Wild: Raphus replicare which is known as Dodo Bird could become the most stupid creature in the game that you have ever seen. It mainly roams around the beaches of the island, swallows berries and can get absorbed by other carnivores. The entire food of island would break apart if there weren’t any Dodo.

Domesticated: No need any specific reason to tame this creature! It is not enough to become a burdensome creature, it doesn’t offer much food either, and it is kind of dumb to show fellowship

Known Information: The subspecies of this creature has advanced to endure itself, they continuously breed! They can obtain complete maturity just in one week of being born. Thanks to this characteristic, they have become very well-known on the whole island.


Dodos just keep waddling about the beaches, forests, hills and other locations of this island without any purposes; they have such a slow movement speed. When it’s under attack, it won’t counter. It will try to escape away from the enemies instead, even though it moves and runs slowly. Due to that drawback, the Dodos can become target easily. It will be assaulted and defeated by a group of Compies or even just only Spino. Nevertheless, Dodo is willing to attack anyone that is trying to steal its eggs. Sometimes, the Dodos even get stuck on beaches.


Dodos can’t fly! It has a big beak and stout body, along with various colors.

Color Scheme and Regions

This is the party that will illustrate the natural colors and regions. For indicative purposes, the below areas are painted read all over albino Dodo. The painted squares that are described below every illustration of the region are the colors that this creature will create at random in order to offer a general scope of its genius color scheme. You can check out its name and ID by moving your mouse cursor on a color.

The color scheme detail is extracted from the ARK DevKit, and it should be considered as accuracy.

  • The server admins can utilize this detail of region in the console command “cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID>”.

For instance, using the command like this “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would decorate the body magenta of Dodo.


Region 0:


Region 1:


Region 2:


Region 3:
Forehead, Neck, and Feet

Region 4:


Region 5:
Wings and Patterning



  • Raw Meat
  • Hide

Base Stats and Growth

Note that creatures will have different stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 40.0 +8 +5.4% +0.5
1Stamina 100.0 +10 +10%
2Oxygen 150.0 +15 +10%
3Food 450.0 +45 +10% +15%
6Weight 50.0 +1 +4%
7Melee Damage 5.02 +0.25 +1.7% 15% 18%
4Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +7.5% +200%
8Torpor 30.0 +1.8 N/A4 +0.5
  1. The percentages are based upon the stat value the moment that the creature was domesticated (right after taming success)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage
  3. The movement speed of wild creatures won’t be developed
  4. The Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but won’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • To get a full comparison of the creatures’ stats, check out Base Creature Statistics
  • To get a description of how the level-up calculation operates, check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

  • Above are the base speeds of the creature that are all at 100% Movement Speed
  • To obtain a comparison between all speeds of creatures, check out Base Creature Speeds.

Wild Stats Level-up

To check out the stats that are pinpointed, just input the values of an untamed creature. The green values on a creature that has a high level mean that it’s very great at breeding. If you succeeded in domesticating a creature, you could regain the breeding-stats by utilizing this tool called ARK Stats Extractor

Stat Value Levelups
Health 450 0
Stamina 240 0
Food 1500 0
Weight 350 0
Melee Damage [%] 100 0
Speed [%] 100 ~3

After domestication, the creature can get some bonuses on several stats relying on the taming success. This will cause it to be very tough for regaining the levels on a domesticated creature. Hence, this tool can only work on untamed creatures, but it can bring such a wonderful impression, how well the stats are given out.



You should always remember that the values are optimum cases, they always carry additional supplies.

You can check out an external taming calculator to get a level-dependent count of the resources required.

KO Strategy

It’s not easy to domesticate Dodos; you can use your fists to stun them or utilize a slingshot to its head. Or, you can utilize a wooden club or several tranquilizer arrows.


This section will show you how to battle against this creature


If you punch the Dodo, it will make a noise, and when the battle music comes, the Dodo will try to escape away. You will find it hilarious because it is very slow! Just take out your sword, hit it three times and it will be defeated instantly! Then, try to strike it five times, you will get its meat, and wait for 3 minutes to absorb that source of meat. This fight is so much fun! The Dodos are kind of headstrong and awkward; they try to escape away when being attacked. They don’t have high health, and you can destroy them easily by utilizing any weapons. Therefore, the beginners can easily to kill and domesticate them. Dodo is not good for battling, but many skilled players have created a whole Dodo army to create more eggs and frighten their rivals.


If you aim at its head, you will deal great damage, which can destroy Dodo fast! Or, you can aim at the body of this creature, it will work too! They are even destroyed by one chomp by other dangerous mounts. Sometimes, walking around with a Giganotosaurus or Brontosaurus can kill them by causing smash damage from your mount’s footfalls. They are not strong, the whole troops of Dodos can get destroyed by a Bronto’s tail through the jungle to gather berries when it swings.


Using a Spear, a Slingshot or a Bow will destroy a Dodo kind of instantly. You can utilize a mount to destroy it instantly if you want!


It will escape away from you at a slow speed and try to run away except for when you steal its egg. If any carnivores are around the Dodo, you should be aware of them, or else they can turn the Dodo into their tasty meal. Dodo bird is not dangerous. You can even utilize your fists to knock them out.


The main weakness of this creature is its hesitation to counter! It will counter only if someone steals its egg. Its head is very effortless to aim at, and its body is the weakest part to take down. You can toss the Spear or launch Stone Arrow in its head to destroy it instantly with just 1 or two shots.



Livestock: Due to the big amount of eggs that they can offer, there are so many tribes that have created large Dodo farms, and they put various tamed Dodo in a small surrounded location to gather all the eggs they lay. But, it’s not essential to utilize tamed Dodos for making their eggs. You can construct a structure that has an open roof, along with sufficient room to keep a Dodo in, then bring some untamed female Dodos there, and finally release a tamed Oviraptor to operate the egg making. You can fly in sometimes and collect their eggs! The untamed Dodos won’t ask you to feed them; you can feed the tamed ones with Stimberries, and they will create a large amount of eggs. (Rank up food)

Bio-weapon: They are able to bring Swamp Fever and can transfer it to the players. If a Dodo that gets sick, you can use it as a nice weapon to deliberate an opponent Tribe. You can set it to roam around and then release it into the base of your rival and observe it reducing the combat stats of those opponents.


“Raphus lazarus” that is below the Domesticated part is the error of naming this creature in Dino Dossier

According to the Dino Dossier, it said that they are so forgetful but in real life, there weren’t any wild predators inhabiting the Mauritius which was the islands, so they had no idea how to respond to a hunter, so there are so many different factors for their death, like the initial Dutch settlers hunted down them too much, rats, which could break one egg laid, and wild dangers also offered their ruination from the plentiful creatures to an extinct ones.

These creatures got such a bad moving speed, causing it to be very tough to walk around. Some of them are not even able to run faster that the human even if their speed is always 100% full. But, they have a good swimming speed that they can make a good use of to hide bigger distances quicker.

After the v241, the perfect way to make them move is to hold them up using your hands and throw them. But you won’t be able to pick up a tool or any weapons while you’re doing that.

There is a zombie variant of the dodo that was created nearby the DodoRex in ARK: Fear Evolved. This zoom This version is much more hostile, and it’s willing to assault the player.

The Dodos can act as a secondary mascot to the game, and they turn up on artwork and holiday events.

The Dodo is a bearer of the Swamp Fever.


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