ARK Survival Evolved: Launching the Kentrosaurus & A Message to the ARK Community!

ARK Survival Evolved: Launching the Kentrosaurus & A Message to the ARK Community!

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ARK Survival Evolved honorably brings you good news! Let’s take a chance to find out a new dinosaur that has just been introduced in the game as well as find out what the development team messaged to the whole ARK community. Check it out!

Launching a new Dinosaur

The players now have a chance to discover a brand new creature that has just been revealed in the game. It is Kentrosaurus which can be considered as a spiky stabbing powerhouse that lots of players will be interested in. Further details and information about this creature will be updated later.

A Meaningful Message to the ARK Group

The development team of ARK Survival Evolved game has sent a message to the whole community with a “thank-you” note for what the fans, the players have expressed to the game. The team also would like to share their thoughts on the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack, as well as the forthcoming plans for ARK game. All the staff always wake up early day by day just only to think about how to make the game much better. Their ambition is everlasting and it’s getting stronger and stronger everyday, especially when mentioning the retail release in the future. They hope that the new features will be much better than the current ones in Ark that they had launched into Steam Early Access in 2015.

The first original perception for the game given by the development team always contained the making of Expansion ARKs, together with the infrastructure as well as the technical systems for shifting the date back and forth live ARKs. The team stayed determined, truly believing that it’s kind of more sound for going over on the systems throughout the Early Access than the post retail release. Not only did that mean displaying the initial Expansions at the early stage, but it also means this is a great time for combining more Expansions after release into the ARK network.  Hopefully, the players will be able to gain more experiences after undergoing the Scorched Earth regardless of what map or mode they are playing.

Forthcoming objectives for ARK Survival Evolved given out by the development team

Below here is the short outline of the plans


  • ARK v247 would be released, the great creatures, namely Tapejara and Archaeopteryx will be included too.
  • Rolling up Breeding Phase 3 and the Boss Ascension Cycle for the launching, and they will come out soon with the initial Tek Tier items (Power Armor)
  • With the Explorer Note system, you will get your initial shot of ARK’s myth. You will get a chance to search for them then start joining the ARK’s mysteries.
  • The initial progress of “Procedurally Generated ARKs” system would be approachable on PC next month, then Xbox later.
  • When Scorched Earth strongly extends the Blueprint modding abilities of ARK, a brand new Mod Contest would be released by the developers, together with the launch of Dev Kit integrating the Scorched Earth content.

The journey of ARK must go on and on because there will be a lot of upcoming features, events that will be released in the future, which will bring all of the players a better gaming experience.

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