ARK Survival Evolved: Dragonfly

ARK Survival Evolved: Dragonfly

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Common Name Dragonfly
Group Invertebrates
Species Meganeura quatpenna
Time Late Carboniferous
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Docile
XP For Kill 3 XP
PC Release Date July 25, 2015 (v189.0)
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable No
Rideable No
 Very Common

Dragonfly is an interesting species that appears in ARK Survival Evolved game. It is considered as the close cousin to the modern dragonflies. They are very hard to attack and will assault you instantly if you are trying to prove, especially when they are in large numbers. Find out more about their info now!

Basic Info


Wild: Meganeura quatpenna is a big kind of dragonfly, but truly it is a kind of vanished species of invertebrate that had the same look like dragonflies. Similar to other griffinflies, this creature is very meat-eating, but it’s not hostile to the human beings except for when being evoked or challenged for meat. It mainly inhabits zones that are wet and filled with wood, like jungles. It’s a natural predator of the tiny insects living on this island.

Known Information: Although it is not usually hostile, it won’t reject a free tasty meal! They will instantly pop up in big numbers for scavenging the dead victims of Pulmonoscorpius, make senseless and incapable if protecting themselves. It’s obvious that the insects need to dodge the Pulmonoscorpius. It’s not smart to annoy a group of feeding Meganura. The way of spreading out the oxygen should restrict the size of this creature, but seemingly it can develop further away this limit.


They are such static creatures, but if you assault one of them, all other will assault you. Seemingly, they only assault when you are riding on Argentavis. Dragonflies prefer to dine on corpses that are close as well as assault anyone that stands in their way. This can annoy you a bit when you are on your quest, especially when you suddenly bump into a group of ravenous dragonflies making an effort to claim your annihilation. A horde that stops swallowing a corpse will assault any player that is nearby. But, they will never assault you when they touch water, even if you are attacking them, they will not either! Also, if you move on water while you are under attack by them, your action will make them quickly go away and no more interest in you.


This is a tiny insect that has an extended body, two couples of wings and 3 couples of legs.

Color Scheme and Regions

In this section, you will explore the natural colors and regions of this creature. For indicative purposes, the areas as shown below are painted red on an albino Dragonfly. The painted squares displayed below illustrations of every region are the colors that the creature will create at random to bring a general range of its genius color scheme. You can move the mouse cursor over a color to exhibit its name and ID

Color scheme information is taken directly from the ARK DevKit and should be deemed correct.

  • Server admins can use this region information in the Console Command “cheat SetTargetDinoColor “.

For example, “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would color the Dragonfly’s “thorax and sides” magenta.



Region 0:
Thorax and Sides



Region 1
is not used for this Creature.



Region 2:
Rear Legs


Region 3:
Front Legs


Region 4:


Region 5:


Cementing Paste is only approachable with a Beelzebufo

Base Stats and Growth

Note that creatures will have different stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point
5Health 45.0 +9
1Stamina 100.0 +10
2Oxygen 150.0 +15
3Food 450.0 +45
6Weight 50.0 +1
7Melee Damage 10.02 +0.5
4Movement Speed N/A N/A3
8Torpor 100 +6
  1. The percentages are based upon the stat value the moment that the creature was domesticated (right after taming success)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage
  3. The movement speed of wild creatures won’t be developed
  4. The Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but won’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • To get a full comparison of the creatures’ stats, check out Base Creature Statistics
  • To get a description of how the level-up calculation operates, check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

  • Above are the base speeds of the creature that are all at 100% Movement Speed
  • To obtain a comparison between all speeds of creatures, check out Base Creature Speeds.

Attack Effects

Attack Type Effect Description
Main Attack  Tranquilized The target’s   Stamina will reduce by 2x the damage dealt more than 4 seconds. This effect piles up.


This part depicts the ways to battle against the Dragonfly.


Dragonflies are kind of neutral themselves except when they are evoked. Nevertheless, dragonflies are true scavengers. They will gather freshly dead corpses, and they will completely turn hostile if you collect the corpse while they are feeding. You can step back from the collected corpses if you don’t want to start a fight. Doing so will not make them assault you. You need to be careful when getting into the swamps because there are so many dragonflies than can destroy dinosaurs at higher level quickly.


If you assault only one dragonfly, your action will draw the attention of other dragonflies in that location and all of them will become very aggressive and they will have a deadly high aggro scope. If you destroy one with just one attack, the rest others won’t assault you. If they gather, they will normally aim at your head.

If you utilize a spear or a pike and pierce into the air, you can destroy them much faster. If you got a domesticated dinosaur whose assault has a big AoE, such as Stegosaurus or Ankylosaurus, you could destroy the whole hordes of dragonflies effortlessly.


Utilizing longer ranged melee weapons like pikes or spears can be a good way. They are kind of tough to attack with ranged weapons like bows or something like that.


If you got bitten by a dragonfly, you would be poisoned, and your stamina is decreased, which makes it tougher to run away if you get flocked. They are also about to gather and get more extra dragonflies angry, and you may have to battle more than before.


Low health is the largest weakness of this creature. You only have to attack it in several hits, then go destroy it even if it’s at a higher level.


  • The Dossier was launched on 06/10/2015
  • At the moment, it is one of two creatures that can be collected by Beelzebufo for   Cementing Paste and by  Titanomyrma.
  • When they are in packs, they will become more hostile
  • It can run faster than Sarco and Titanoboa effortlessly
  • It’s kind of relied on the Giant Griffinfly, Meganeura Monyi.
  • There was once that Meganneura was believed to be the first ancestor of the dragonflies, along with the order named But they have been rearranged under Odonatopterasuperorder, and currently, they are regarded as relatives to current dragonflies.


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