ARK Survival Evolved: Ichthy

ARK Survival Evolved: Ichthy

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Common Name Ichthy
Group Reptiles
Species Ichthyosaurus curiosa
Time Late Triassic – Early Jurassic
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Curious
PC Release Date June 30, 2015 (v181.0)
XP For Kill 4 XP
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
 Very Common

 Ichthy is a small carnivore in that you will come across when wandering around ARK Survival Evolved game. This creature has such a complex life and it will take some skills or tactics to domesticate it. It’s time to find out all basic information about Ichthy now!

Basic Info


Wild: Ichthyosaurus curiosa is a sort of tiny carnivore that lives in the waters on the island. It is just bigger than a human a bit, but its whole size is still tiny when it’s compared to the Leviathans that also wander around the water zones. Apparently, it’s kind of into any creatures that have the same size as it, it usually gets closer to the humans and goes behind them through many waters

Domesticated: Seemingly, this creature is very better and idea for using to discover the seas and waterways of islands. Ichthyosaurus is such a quick swimmer and if it’s in the wild, it will still snug up to you and make an effort to realize what exactly you’re doing. Domesticating this creature is not hard at all! Seemingly, they love to be around humans, you can feed it or tame it freely with no heavy actions.

Known Information: In spite of having such an appearance, it’s still considered as neither a fish nor a mammal living in the ocean. Similar to other aquatic creatures, it’s a true aquatic reptile.


Ichthyosaurs are an amiable kind to other creatures and due to its curiosity, it will swim to you and be around you. It will drive you on to the shore if your stamina runs out and if you are unable to breathe because of oxygen shortage. Their action is just like what the current dolphins did. The Ichthyosaurs living in the Northwestern waters can destroy and absorb untamed Kairuku.


This marine reptile has an average size and it has the rough shape just like a dolphin. Its eyes are so big so that it can spot fish and squid in dark zones. Its long snout is used for grabbing the target, and its big brain always brings curiosity to this creature.

Color Scheme and Regions

This part will help you find out the natural colors of this creature. For indicative purposes, the below areas are painted red on an albino Itchy. The painted squares that are displayed below every illustration of the area are the colors that this creature will create at random in order to give a general scope of its natural color scheme. Float your mouse cursor on a color to illustrate its name and ID.

Color scheme detail is extracted straightly from the ARK DevKit and it should be considered accurate.

This region information can be utilized by the server admins in Console Command like this “cheat SetTargetDinoColor “.

For instance, utilizing , “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would paint the body magenta of the Ichthy.


Region 0:


Region 1
is not used
for this Creature.


Region 2
is not used
for this Creature.


Region 3:
is not used
for this Creature.


Region 4:
Back and Fins


Region 5:


  • Raw Meat

Base Stats and Growth

Note that creatures will have different stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 275.0 +13.75 +6.75% 0.5
1Stamina 300.0 +60 +20%
2Oxygen N/A5 N/A N/A
3Food 1000.0 +100 +10% 15%
6Weight 250.0 +5 +4%
7Melee Damage 20.02 +1 +5% 15% 18%
4Movement Speed 100.0% N/A3 +5%
8Torpor 300 +18 N/A4 +0.5
  1. The percentages are based upon the stat value the moment that the creature was domesticated (right after taming success)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage
  3. The movement speed of wild creatures won’t be developed
  4. The Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but won’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • To get a full comparison of the creatures’ stats, check out Base Creature Statistics
  • To get a description of how the level-up calculation operates, check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

  • Above are the base speeds of the creature that are all at 100% Movement Speed
  • To obtain a comparison between all speeds of creatures, check out Base Creature Speeds.

Wild Stats Level-up

To check out the stats that are pinpointed, just input the values of an untamed creature. The green values on a creature that has a high level mean that it’s very great at breeding. If you succeeded in domesticating a creature, you could regain the breeding-stats by utilizing this tool called ARK Stats Extractor

Stat Value Levelups
Health 275 0
Stamina 300 0
Food 1000 0
Weight 250 0
Melee Damage [%] 100 0
Speed [%] 100 ~0

After domestication, the creature can get some bonuses on several stats relying on the taming success. This will cause it to be very tough for regaining the levels on a domesticated creature. Hence, this tool can only work on untamed creatures, but it can bring such a wonderful impression, how well the stats are given out.


On your hotbar, just put raw meat in the final slot, when you get closer to it, hit key E for feeding it. You are unable to feed them with all meat that is needed to domesticate at a time. You should wait a bit, like a few minutes until it gets ravenous once again so that you can feed it more until your taming process is done!

It’s really hard to find them because of their propensity to draw the attention of Megalodon their primary predator.

The Ichthyosaurus will poke up to domesticated aquatic creatures, so you should utilize them to assist you in domesticating.

The creature probably makes an effort to swim away from you as you’re trying to domesticate it.

Note that the values are for optimal cases, always bring extra supplies!
For a level-dependent count of resources needed, try an external taming calculator.

Ingredients for   Kibble (Dodo Egg): 1 ×   Dodo Egg , 1 ×   Rockarrot , 1 ×   Cooked Meat , 2 ×   Mejoberry , 3 ×   Fiber , 1 ×   Waterskin



Scouting: While it doesn’t have higher running speed than Plesiosaur and Mosasaurus, it increases the greatest value (135) for each level and it can become the quickest underwater mount effortlessly. Running is probably remained because of low Stamina depletion.

Annihilating: As it possesses low damage, it can ruffle up with Megalodons by utilizing its nimbleness. However, other creatures are much faster or they even have too big arena effect for the Ichthy to domesticate them.

Black Pearls: The most significant thing is that you can utilize it for farming Eurypterids because this is the only creature (except for Angler) that doesn’t have any knockback, which brings big influence on Eurypterids, and due to that, they can be assaulted and destroyed easily without ceasing by Ichthy. When being compared to Angler, its large benefit is that it doesn’t get any torpor, which the Eurypterids can largely torture.


The Dino Dossier contains an image that can supposedly illustrate the comparative size between the Ichthyosaurus and Megalodon. Intensely, there can be a bigger creature besides the Megalodon. It’s probably Mosasaurus or even a certain underwater boss.

Prior to patch 183.2, if a small portion of their body was on the water, they would die.

Before being attached, Ichthyosaurus was pointed out in the “upcoming week patch notes” but it was hinted as Shastasaurus.

Because Ichthys are reptiles, the shortage of oxygen attribute is a bug.

They are known as one of the several kinds in the game that can keep maintaining the eating animation once being domesticated. But their eating animation is kind of malfunctioned.

Ichthys draw the attention of Megalodons. You should stay watchful when making an effort to search for them at a secure zone.

Ichthyosaurus are seduced by other domesticated Ichthy and Megalodons.

In spite of being enticed by other aquatic creatures, it can be an advantage for the survivors who want to domesticate it. Afking for a couple of minutes would seduce enough to prevent Plesio or Mosa from walking.

Ichthyosaurus is sometimes even hostile to untamed creatures even though it was believed to be very frisky and inquisitive. Provided that a player or domesticated creature is somewhere in the surrounding area, these creatures turn extremely hostile, which is like Megalodons, and you or any land creature that entering the same area as them will be assaulted instantly. Some of them living in the North can be found destroying or swallowing Kairuku. They sometimes mess with Carbonemys in cozy waters and willing to assault Ankylosaurus, Carnotaurus, and even Raptors if no human is in the immediate surrounding area. This is like a glitch.






This part illustrates some ways and shows you how to battle against the Ichthy


The Ichthy will escape away after you or your animal assaults it.




It may not be a hostile creature, but it sometimes has an intention to get closer to aquatic mounts and this action can become deadly if the nearby waters are full of Mantas, and Megalodons, as Ichthy can possibly clog your escaping way, which makes your mount helpless to the assaults of predators that were previously mentioned


These creatures don’t have much health and energy so you can destroy and kill them easily.



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