ARK Survival Evolved: Megalodon

ARK Survival Evolved: Megalodon

- in Dino Dossiers
Common Name Megalodon
Group Fish
Species Carcharodon ultramegalodon
Time Miocene-Pliocene
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Aggressive
Feces Size Large
XP For Kill 15 XP
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable Yes
Rideable No
 Very Common

The Megalodon is known as a big primitive shark that turns up in ARK Survival Evolved. There are so many interesting characteristics of this creature. You can research on its dossier, as well as check out its stats, or learn how to battle against Megalodon.

Basic Info


Wild: If it weren’t confined to waters, Carcharodon ultramegalodon could become the most deadly and aggressive creature living on this island.

Domesticated: If a survivor can domesticate this creature, he would be unchallenged dominator of the oceans and he must have reached other resources that no one could ever find!

Known Information: Being a strong aggressive like Tyrannosaurus, the Megalodon is very equivalent in water. Also, the amazing speed of this beast can surpass any non-aquatic creature. They always require a big amount of food to maintain themselves, hence, they assault any creatures that they catch sight of. The tiny fish could be the only exception, this could be because those fish don’t give out more energy to Megalodons while they put a lot of effort into catching them.


Megalodons are always under the deep water except when they are assaulting the target, they even hardly go into shallow locations. They are very hostile and they can even swim more quickly than any creatures, even the survivor. They can sometimes get angry at a player from afar, hence, it’s kind of usual to see a player has to tackle with a bunch of Megalodon simultaneously.


Similar to a large white shark, Megalodon is one of the most usual deadly predators in the oceans. The ones in ARK game seems to relied on the minimum calculations for the size of the shark.

Color Scheme and Regions

This part illustrates the natural colors and regions of Megalodon. To get indicative purposes, just check out an albino Megalodon whose regions below are painted red. The colored squares that are displayed underneath every illustration of the region are the colors that this creature will create at random in order to bring a general scope of its innate color scheme. Let’s display its name and ID by moving the mouse cursor on a color.

The color scheme information is straightly extracted from the ARK DevKit and should be accurate.

This region info can be utilized by server admins in the Console Command like this cheat SetTargetDinoColor “.

For instance, using “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” can help paint the body magenta of Megalodon.



Region 0:


Region 1
is not used
for this Creature.



Region 2
is not used
for this Creature.


Region 3:
is not used
for this Creature.

Region 4:



Region 5:


  • Raw Fish Meat
  • Raw Prime Fish Meat
  • Megalodon Tooth.

Base Stats and Growth

The creatures will have discrepant stats in SoTF

Basic Stats

Basic Stats
Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 600 +120 +5.4% 0.3
1Stamina 320 +32 +10%
2Oxygen N/A5 N/A N/A
3Food 2000 +200 +10%
6Weight 250 +5 +4%
7Melee Damage 40.02 +2 +1.7% 7.5% 18%
4Movement Speed 100.0% N/A3 +2.5%
8Torpor 800 +48 N/A4 0.5
  1. The percentages are based upon the stat value the moment that the creature was domesticated (right after taming success)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage
  3. The movement speed of wild creatures won’t be developed
  4. The Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but won’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • To get a full comparison of the creatures’ stats, check out Base Creature Statistics
  • To get a description of how the level-up calculation operates, check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

  • Above are the base speeds of the creature that are all at 100% Movement Speed
  • To obtain a comparison between all speeds of creatures, check out Base Creature Speeds.

Wild Stats Level-up

To check out the stats that are pinpointed, just input the values of an untamed creature. The green values on a creature that has a high level mean that it’s very great at breeding. If you succeeded in domesticating a creature, you could regain the breeding-stats by utilizing this tool called ARK Stats Extractor

Stat Value Levelups
Health 600 0
Stamina 320 0
Food 2000 0
Weight 250 0
Melee Damage [%] 100 0
Speed [%] 1000 0

After domestication, the creature can get some bonuses on several stats relying on the taming success. This will cause it to be very tough for regaining the levels on a domesticated creature. Hence, this tool can only work on untamed creatures, but it can bring such a wonderful impression, how well the stats are given out.



4 5 6


You should always remember that the values are optimum cases, they always carry additional supplies.

You can check out an external taming calculator to get a level-dependent count of the resources required.

Ingredients for   Kibble (Spino Egg): 1 ×   Spino Egg , 1 ×   Savoroot , 1 ×   Prime Meat Jerky , 2 ×   Mejoberry , 3 ×   Fiber , 1 ×   Waterskin

Taming Strategy

To domesticate this creature, the perfect way is to use tranquilizer arrows and launch them to several Megalodons which are lured into the shallow zones by swimming. Because you can’t launch your arrows while under the water, but you can launch them into the water for a very short distance. So, just try to domesticate them using tranquilizer arrows and shoot in shallow areas. You can fire around 10-30 tranquilizer arrows. To use this method, you need to construct a tall platform from the distance that you can launch the arrows into water. Always remember that there will be a bunch of Megalodons turning up if you follow this method. They will sometimes gather together and prey on your domesticated Megalodon. Hence, you should carry a bunch of arrows and be read to protect your new partner.

Baiting is also a way of luring Megalodons. It’s like destroying destroying a tiny fish and then keeping it in your hand while you’re still on the beach, you can put it on the beach. Doing so will draw the attention of any Megalodons in the location to it. They will gather together and make an effort to reach the fish. Occasionally, they will run to the shore themselves and finish their lives.

Search for a Megalodon in a little bit shallow zones, and cause a certain player to make the Megalodon angry by going in and out of water within their angry scope. Take advantage of that player’s action, you need to fire Tranquilizer Arrow to it. Do it over and over again until it’s stunned. You can select the rocky spot for domesticating this creature under the water. You need to stand still on a shallow zone and the sharks will get their heads out for assaulting you, which enables you to fire them using a bow.

Also, you can domesticate one or some of Ichthyosaurus and after that, move them up into a river that is also shallow to get the Megalodon. Then, the Megalodons will start gathering together at the river head.

It’s much better to use a crossbow in domesticating this creature because you can shoot a crossbow to underwater, which is completely different from the bow.

Utilizing the scorpion can be another nice strategy to stun the Megalodon because the scorpion is able to swim. Take a ride on it and get the shark stunned, and then get out of its range. Do this over and over again for each 10 seconds until the Megalodon becomes senseless.


This part will illustrate how to battle against the Megalodon.


You shouldn’t completely join Megalodon while being under the water, but you need to assault it from a nice position instead, like a rock, shore, raft or a platform constructed on the surface of the river.


Be sure that you catch sight of it swimming up to you. Just run away from it if you think you are unable to battle it, or you can provoke the fight if you are prepared. If you have the intention to join a Megalodon through the shoreline, be sure you have brought a Sword, Pike or a reasonable amount of Spears. When a human is swimming and moving in shallow zones, the Megalodon seemingly doesn’t want to pay attention to him. Hence, you should try to tempt them into the water that is around the beaches, which is such a good method to tackle with big hordes of Megalodons, then pierce them constantly until they become senseless and die. Remember to pay attention to your stamina too.


You can use the ranged weapons to shoot through the water like the bow or Longneck Rifle, which permits the player to tackle with big amounts of damage with no danger. The crossbow is the only weapon that can be utilized underwater. Otherwise, if a player wants to tackle with Megalodon through the beaches, they can utilize melee weapons like Spears or a Pike.


The Megalodon has such an unbelievable aggro range, hence, they will get out of the water out of blue just to absorb the unaware of player when going in the water. You shouldn’t get frantic when you are underwater.


This creature is unable to stay on the ground, they can’t get out of the water, hence, you can attack it when standing on the ground or on your raft.





Trilobite Farmer: The Megalodon can destroy the trilobites in an easy way and harvest them to get their chitin, silica pearls, and oil.

Water transport: Megalodon can not be as fast as the Ichthy, but this creature is still useful to traverse the seas.  (Level up Speed and Stamina)


Different from other creatures, untamed Megalodons usually assault each other, even though they will assault in hordes if any targets come out.

Megalodons can appear in any waters of the external sea. They don’t enter the rivers but you can bring them there while hunting down a target. There is an uncommon zone in which the Megalodons exists and that place is known as the red Obelisk, probably due to the two broad connections with the sea.

Oddly, according to the dossier that announces: “Were it not restricted to the waters, Carcharodon ultramegalodon might be the most dangerous creature on the island”, this can be an overstatement because its health is only half of the Rex, which is announced to be the strongest creature in the game. It doesn’t have more health and damage than Spinosaur. Mosasaurus is the most proficient aquatic predator.

Because of its size, Megalodons is unable to go through the common Dinosaur Gateway.

An Ichthy can run faster than a Megalodon effortlessly

Transponder Node can’t keep track of Megalodon

Patch Changes

Prior to Patch 183.2, the domesticated Megalodon could be hauled up onto the beach and destroyed if the survivor that was riding them was not watchful.

Prior to Patch 175.0, the untamed Megalodon could run ashore themselves, and die after that.




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