ARK Survival Evolved: Mesopithecus

ARK Survival Evolved: Mesopithecus

- in Dino Dossiers
Common Name Mesopithecus
Group Mammals
Species Mesopithecus amicufur
Time Late Miocene Late Pliocene
Diet Omnivore
Temperament Curious
Feces Size Human
XP For Kill 2 XP
PC Release Date August 28, 2015 (v204.0)
Spawn Command [Expand]
Favorite Kibble Kibble (Dodo Egg)
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Gestation Time 2h 38m 43s
Baby Stage Time 3h 5m 11s
 Very Common

Mesopithecus is a friendly creature that will help you a lot if you’re done domesticating it in ARK Survival Evolved. The Dino Dossier of it was already released. So, let’s take a chance to explore the whole information about this cute nimble creature now!

Basic Info


Wild: Mesopithecus amicufur is known as money that is able to eat anything. It mostly lives in the jungles of the island. It’s very tiny, even smaller than a player, but its movement speed is as fast as humans. It’s not usually hostile. However, you will find it very annoying when there are tiny troops of Mesopithecus. Also, due to their inquisitive nature, they can make an effort to take anything that falls to the ground, or even steal something away from you.

Domesticated: Mesopithecus is a very usual animal and it’ not hard to raise this pet. It’s omnivorous, and you can feed it with anything, but it kind of prefers fruits. This creature is normally utilized as a partner, as it isn’t able to bear enough to become a burdensome animal. You can’t ride on it because it’s not big enough and it won’t be helpful for a fight. Nevertheless, it’s kind of efficient and good at notifying the forthcoming trespassers using its voice, and usually, it will toss a large amount of fecal at those intruders.

Known Information: Different from other creatures, Mesopithecus is probably into searching for the close-by humans to make interaction with them. They are not aggressive, very amiable, and inquisitive. With this similar frisky nature, they sometimes toss their feces at human beings, making several tribe people angry.


The Mesopithecus can sit on your shoulder; it can jump and shout to notify the forthcoming threat. When it battles, it only tosses feces at the opponent. These feces will bring upon damage effect to other creatures. Mesopithecus will continue tossing feces at those creatures even if it’s sitting on your shoulder. If you command it to assault your target, it can toss feces at an opponent while you are on a certain mount.

You can find the untamed Mesopithecus roaming around the jungles, beaches, and plains. You can hear them easily due to their size and different call.


This is a playful little monkey that you can normally find in the jungles of the island. Mesopithecus is very fast, smart and hard to catch. They are very friendly, and they can eat anything. You will find it very easy to raise a monkey and use it as your new pet, or even a partner.

Color Scheme and Regions

This part illustrates the natural colors and some regions on Mesopithecus. To get indicative purposes, the areas below are painted red on a white Mesopithecus. The painted squares displayed below every illustration of the region are the colors that this creature will spawn at random in order to give a general scope of its genius color scheme. For exhibiting its name and ID, just move your mouse cursor on a color.

The color scheme info is straightly extracted from the ARK DevKit, and it should be accurate.

The region info can be utilized by the server admins in the console command “cheat SetTargetDinoColor ”

For instance, using “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would paint the body magenta of Mesopithecus


Region 0:


Region 1
is not used for this Creature.


Region 2:
Eye Markings


Region 3
is not used for this Creature.


Region 4:
Back, Lower Limbs, and Tail Tip


Region 5:



Base Stats and Growth

Remember that the creatures will have discrepant stats in SoTF

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 115.0 +23 +5.4% +0.5
1Stamina 100.0 +10 +10%
2Oxygen 150.0 +15 +10%
3Food 450.0 +45 +10% 15%
6Weight 70.0 +1.4 +4%
7Melee Damage  10.02 +0.5 +1.7% 15% 18%
4Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +5.75% +130%
8Torpor 60.0 +3.6 N/A4 +0.5
  1. The percentages are based upon the stat value the moment that the creature was domesticated (right after taming success)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage
  3. The movement speed of wild creatures won’t be developed
  4. The Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but won’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • To get a full comparison of the creatures’ stats, check out Base Creature Statistics
  • To get a description of how the level-up calculation operates, check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

  • Above are the base speeds of the creature that are all at 100% Movement Speed
  • To obtain a comparison between all speeds of creatures, check out Base Creature Speeds.

Wild Stats Level-up

To check out the stats that are pinpointed, just input the values of an untamed creature. The green values on a creature that has a high level mean that it’s very great at breeding. If you succeeded in domesticating a creature, you could regain the breeding-stats by utilizing this tool called ARK Stats Extractor

Stat Value Levelups
Health 450 0
Stamina 240 0
Food 1500 0
Weight 350 0
Melee Damage [%] 100 0
Speed [%] 100 ~0

After domestication, the creature can get some bonuses on several stats relying on the taming success. This will cause it to be very tough for regaining the levels on a domesticated creature. Hence, this tool can only work on untamed creatures, but it can bring such a wonderful impression, how well the stats are given out.


Mesopithecus can be domesticated in a gentle way instead of using the normal ways. You just need to use the food that you want then go feed it. The food needs to put in the right slot of the hotbar. After that, you will get close to this creature, and press key E to feed it. You shouldn’t approach too close for the prompt button to pop up because that will only make the creature scared and it will escape away from you very quickly. If it flees, you must go behind it and try to catch sight of it. It can run away very fast, and you will find it tough to see because of its tiny size, meaning it’s easy for you to lose its track. However, you should dodge running after it too close and too much, doing so will only make it run more and more. Also, you should keep an eye on the health bar of Mesopithecus while domesticating it. If it gets startled a bit, its small portion of the health will be gone. Don’t get it scared too much, or else it will die!

You need to hold up around 15 seconds while you’re feeding it, then make an effort to get closer to it from the back or when it halts in order to decrease the threats of getting into it unintentionally. Try to crouch and decrease your speed a bit, which will help you take control of your action easily as well as dodge approaching very close. Alternatively, you can hold up till it poops, then delay for a few seconds and after that, you can start feeding it once again.

You can utilize an Argentavis or Pteranodon to hold it up and place it in a box. However, doing so will occasionally get the Mesopithecus frightened and easily to make it very hard to tame, or even untamable. Stunning it will restart this.

If you spend too much time feeding it, your taming bar will be reduced gently. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the Kibble ready, and it will permit you to compensate for the progress that was gone as you try to protect against the deadly predators or searching for another creature after your target has gone!


You should always remember that the values are optimum cases, they always carry additional supplies.

You can check out an external taming calculator to get a level-dependent count of the resources required.

Ingredients for  Kibble (Dodo Egg): 1 ×  Dodo Egg, 1 ×  Rockarrot , 1 ×  Cooked Meat , 2 ×  Mejoberry , 3 ×  Fiber , 1 ×  Waterskin



Companion: Even though it’s not powerful and big, this frisky little monkey can be used as a partner! Your loneliness will be gone if you’re with it! You can carry this creature, let it perch on your shoulder and bring it to anywhere. Also, you will get notified by it if there is any threat right ahead of you, then it will toss the feces at opponents and other aggressive creatures, which make them hurt and reduce their speed gradually.

Door Opener: If you toss it into the base (using key E), this creature is able to unlock the doors that are made from thatch and wooden when it’s still inside if it’s commanded to do that by you using this “Whistle Attack THIS Target” on the door (default by key “.”)

Backpack: You only get their half weight when you let it perch on your shoulder, it means that you can bear additional weight.




This part illustrates how to battle against Mesopithecus


These Mesopithecus are very adorable, and they require love. If you normally put them on your shoulders and carry them, they won’t escape away from you. No specific reason to destroy them!


Because there is no specific reason for destroying them, they won’t be able to hurt the player, no need to prepare any good tactics to battle against one. You can utilize any way that you think it’s enough for you, then kill one if you want.


You can use any weapon to destroy a Mesopithecus; you can even you your hands to do that!


They are famous for tossing their feces at the humans and other creatures. Because of that trait of them, you may not have a better experience when trying to make interact with them. Otherwise, they will run away if they learn that they just got involved in a battle.


Mesopithecus doesn’t have high health; that’s why most of them are destroyed easily and unintentionally. The land mounts are totally able to toss the careless Mesopithecus higher if they are giving out crush damage to gather more berries. That action can kill entire crowds of them.



  • The Dino Dossier was introduced on 06/09/15 via Steam
  • It is able to loot the dropped goods and other items
  • There is a glitch at the time where being hit, punching it while it’s still perching on your shoulder will make it vanish.
  • It can despawn if you log out with it while sitting on your shoulder
  • According to the Dossier, you can normally find it roaming around in the forests, but, it can be found on the edges in which the forest faces with a beach or a nice broad grassland.
  • The inventory weight of a monkey when it’s only your shoulder is only the half, meaning it’s 50%.
  • The Mesopithecus is able to collect a small number of berries, especially if those berries were available nearby the bushes and no player is If you command them to roam around, they will totally collect those berries
  • You can put a helmet on them
  • Oddly, the Mesopithecus releases the feces of humans. This could be because it’s kind of small and the tiny feces of animals can be too big when being compared with the Mesopithecus’s size.
  • If you use key X when perching on a flyer, it will make you toss any pet sitting on your shoulder away.


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