Broodmother Lysrix

Broodmother Lysrix

- in Dino Dossiers

Broodmother Arena, accessible via the Obelisks

Broodmother Lysrix
Broodmother Lysrix
Common Name Broodmother Lysrix
Group Bosses
Species Broodmother lysrix
Time Period Unknown
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Aggressive
PC Release Date June 2, 2015
Xbox Release Date December 16, 2015
PS4 Release Date December 6, 2016
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable No
Breedable No
Rideable No
XP For Kill Level : 8.00 XP
Special Loot Chance 100%
Feces Size None
Drag Weight 1200
Broodmother Arena, accessible via the Obelisks

Broodmother Lysrix is a kind of boss that appears in ARK Survival Evolved. This is a target creature that most of survivors want to conquer and knock out. But, battling against this creature is not easy at all. The players are required to go gather eight Artifacts, reach an Obelisk and start clicking the Summon button. If you are interested in it, you should find out some necessary information about Broodmother Lysrix now!

Basic Info


The Broodmother Lysrix is known as an enormous Arachnid.

Color Scheme and Regions

The Broodmother Lysrix generates the similar color scheme all the time and there are no specific color regions on it.

Known Information

According to the Spider Dossier, Broodmother is known as the queen and the parent of other spiders on the island.

Broodmother Lysrix


You can only catch sight of Broodmother in the Broodmother Arena. You have to reach a Beacon or Obelisk and put the requested tribute items inside to get to the location, after that, you need to touch the Generate Broodmother Portal or Central Portal item. The portal will be unlocked and it will grab players or dinosaurs that are nearby, then take them to the arena directly.

Tribute Requirements

Below here are some required items that you must have to unlock the Broodmother Portal:

Item Required Quantity
Megalodon Tooth    Megalodon Tooth x8
Tyrannosaurus ArmTyrannosaurus Arm x4
Argentavis Talon Argentavis Talon x4
Sauropod VertebraSauropod Vertebra x2
 Artifact Of The HunterArtifact Of The Hunter x1
Artifact Of The CleverArtifact Of The Clever x1
Artifact Of The PackArtifact Of The Pack x1
Artifact Of The MassiveArtifact Of The Massive x1
Artifact Of The SkylordArtifact Of The Skylord x1
Artifact Of The StrongArtifact Of The Strong x1
Artifact Of The ImmuneArtifact Of The Immune x1
Artifact Of The DevourerArtifact Of The Devourer x1


  • Broodmother Trophy
  • Spider Flag
  • Achievement: “Veteran Survivor”

Broodmother Lysrix

Base Stats and Growth

In Survival of the Fittest, the creatures will possess discrepant stats

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 220000 +44000 +5.4%
1Stamina 150 +15 +10%
2Oxygen N/A5 N/A N/A
3Food 1500 +150 +10%
6Weight 4000 +80 +4%
7Melee Damage 400 / 902 +20 / +4.5 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
4Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +3% 15%
8Torpor 0 +0 N/A4
  1. Percentages are depended on the value of the stat at the moment when the creature was domesticated (after the effectiveness of taming)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage.
  3. The movement speed of untamed creatures won’t be developed and leveled up.
  4. Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but it can’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  5. The Broodmother Lysrix is unable to drown.
  • Check out Base Creature Statistics to find out a comparison of the creatures’ stats.
  • If you want to research on the way that levelup calculation operates, you should check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 290 507.5 1349.949951 15
Swimming 300 N/A N/A N/A
  • The table shown above is the base speeds of the creature, and they are at 100% Movement Speed.
  • Check out Base Creature Speeds to find out a comparison of the creatures’ speeds

Attack Effects

Attack Type Effect Description
Main Attack Tranquilized The Torpor of the target will grow by 30 points more than 10 seconds. This effect piles up.
Alt Attack Araneo Calls for 7 Araneo minions, and only 20 of them are active at one time.
Alt Attack Webbed  

Used in a suspended way. The Broodmother fires a projectile which will decrease the movement speed by 50% for just 10 seconds.


Attack Values

Broodmother Lysrix

Wild Stats Level-up

To check out what stats that the creature is stressed, just simply input the values of that untamed creature. A high-level creature that is great for breeding will be displayed by green values. If you already domesticated a creature, you can regain its breeding-stats using this tool called Ark Stats Extractor.

Remember that the creature will receive some bonuses on stats after being tamed, and they mostly base on the taming effectiveness. This won’t be easy to take back the levels on a domesticated creature, hence, this tool should be used for the untamed ones.


In this section, you’re going to find out how to battle against the Broodmother Lysrix


Broodmother Lysrix is known as a deadly opponent that will generate a lot of little spiders (Araneos) as minions. Its health is very high, and it can totally beat it with the assistance of deluxe gear. You should as the tribe members or other players from other tribes for help so that you can cope with all damage and attacks.


How to beat Broodmother Lysrix totally depends on you! You can give out a bunch of damage by using firepower from guns and powerful rockets. You should utilize the weapons which have a short reload time because the Broodmother fight focuses on subduing it and destroying it before all of your supplies and other players are run out. You can use some explosives to make the Broodmother hurt as well. All these methods are good enough to defeat the tiny Araneo minions that the Broodmother spawns after the players. You can even deal with the assaults of the Araneo minions by using the Stimulants. In addition, some smaller dinosaurs, like Carbonemyes can even help you take out the enemy as well.


If you want to utilize the melee assaults of Broodmother, you should use ranged weapons. Also, you should combine your weapon and strategy at the same time.


There are around 10-20 Araneos spawned by the Broodmother at once when the fight is going on. The enemies will be damaged and their movement speed will be decreased by the venom and webs released by the Broodmother. This boss has nice melee attacking skill, and it can destroy anything around.


Broodmother doesn’t have any real weaknesses. It’s just a giant spider that has nice health and strong damage when dealing. It’s not a good swimmer, and it’s not great at flying either. But, to defeat it, you just simply use your strategies and weapons wisely.


The Broodmother can be tamed until the patch 183.0. But, this is no longer available in the game. You can’t tame this boss by just using common ways.

Once destroying the Broodmother for the first time, some survivors calls her again to harvest Chitin from Spider Minions that she calls.


Broodmother Lysrix Broodmother Lysrix

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