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Common Name Chalicotherium
Group Mammals
Species Chalicotherium obsidioequus
Time Late Oligocene – Early Pliocene
Diet Herbivore
Temperament Territorial
Feces Size Medium
XP For Kill 6 XP
PC Release Date October 21, 2016 (v248.0)
Xbox Release Date October 28, 2016 (v744.0)
Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable Yes
Breedable Yes
Rideable Yes
Allow Mounted Weaponry Yes
Saddle Chalicotherium Saddle(lvl 50)
Gestation Time 7h 56m 11s
Baby Stage Time 8h 13m 49s
Juvenile Time 1d 8h 55m 18s
Adolescent Time 1d 17h 9m 6s
Breeding Interval 18h – 2d

Chalicotherium is a territorial creature that appears in ARK Survival Evolved! If you have a wish to tame this one or fight against him, you should find out some information about this creature as well as some strategies to domesticate it.

Basic Info


Wild: Chalicotherium was seen wandering around in the cold areas of the Island! These creatures usually turn up in small numbers. They are known as a tranquil herbivore who likes to be very lazy for all day or have some fun playing or messing with the family. It’s kind of geographical, but if there is any creature that intrudes its realm, the whole family, including old and young ones will become very aggressive to that creature.

Domesticated: Chalicotherium was taught to become a moving artillery, which is completely different from other creatures that are helpful while launching the attacks to a stronghold. Its playtime behavior is considered as a destructive attack tactic from afar when you give it some boulders for tossing instead of snowballs.

Known Information: When you catch sight of a unit of Chalicotherium playing, it’s such a weird scene. These creatures usually toss some big snowballs or mud-rocks at each other, doing so will bring them so much fun. Some smaller animals will try to dodge Chalicotherium since they are scared of being covered in snow or gravel.


Chalicotherium will turn very aggressive when it’s approached by a certain creature, just like Direbear and Gigantopithecus. The player will get poisoned by its dirty balls, also, his movement speed will be reduced and there are some dirt effects covering around the screen corners


Probably Chalicotherium is the oldest creature that lived on this island. It is considered as a half-blood creature, with a combination of horse, zebra, and gorilla. It is able to use knuckles for moving, just like a gorilla. However, it has the wicked claws while the apes possess hands. The creature uses its claws to pull the bushy and lefty branches into its mouth, however, these claws are so dangerous in the fight. Apparently, the creature is taking some primary wisdom which is just different from an otter because some of the units of them are caught sight of throwing some snowballs at each other. That action can be called a type of war game which is something that demonstrates useful against some aggressive creatures such as Hyaenodon, Direwolves, or Daeodons.

Color Scheme and Regions

In this part, you will find out the primary colors and regions of Chalicotherium. To get an indication, the areas below are painted in red on a white Chalicotherium. The painted squares displayed below every region’s description are the colors that this creature will generate at random in order to offer a general scope of its primary color scheme. Move your mouse cursor over a color to show its name and ID

This region information can be utilized by the server admins in the console command “cheat SetTargetDinoColor ”

For instance, utilizing “cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6” would help paint the main body magenta of Chalicotherium.


Region 0:
Main Body


Region 1 is not used
for this Creature.


Region 2 is not used
for this Creature.


Region 3 is not used
for this Creature.



Region 4:
Fur Highlights



Region 5:
Stripes and Belly


Base Stats and Growth

The creatures will have discrepant stats in Survival of the Fittest

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 600 +120 +5.4% 0.07
1Stamina 300 +30 +10% 0.1
2Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
3Food 4000 +400 +10%
6Weight 400 +8 +4%
7Melee Damage 362 +1.8 +1.7% 7% 17.6%
4Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +2.5%
8Torpor 500 +30 N/A4 0.5
  1. Percentages are depended on the value of the stat at the moment when the creature was domesticated (after the effectiveness of taming)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage.
  3. The movement speed of untamed creatures won’t be developed and leveled up.
  4. Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but it can’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • Check out Base Creature Statistics to find out a comparison of the creatures’ stats.
  • If you want to research on the way that levelup calculation operates, you should check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 210 850.5 850.5  ?
Swimming 300 N/A N/A N/A
  • The table shown above is the base speeds of the creature, and they are at 100% Movement Speed.
  • Check out Base Creature Speeds to find out a comparison of the creatures’ speeds

Wild Stats Level-up

Just input any values of an untamed dinosaur to check out which stats it’s stressed. The green values on a creature at a high level indicate that it’s kind of great for breeding. If you’re done domesticating your creature, you can regain the breeding-stats using the tool called ARK Stats Extractor.

Remember, once the creature is domesticated, it will receive some stats based on the effectiveness of taming. This will turn it very difficult to take back some levels on a domesticated animal. For that reason, this tool can be used for only untamed ones.


If you utilize some normal ways like tranquilizing and feeding, you can’t domesticate the Chalicotherium. This creature must be tamed by using non-violent way.

On the final slot of your hotbar, you need to put Beer Jar for feeding it. When you’re about to get closer for feeding it, press key E. Don’t give them all the food needed to domesticate at the same time, you are supposed to wait a bit until the creature gets starved. Then you can give it food once again. Keep doing so until you fill the taming meter.

You can feed Chalicotherium with Stimberries as well, but you should consider it carefully when using that food since it will make the taming progress slower.


Remember, the values are only for optimal instances, they always carry additional supplies.

You can try using an external taming calculator.

After being domesticated, the diet of Chalicotherium will be Berries, which is similar to other herbivores.


In this part, you will learn about how to battle against the Chalicotherium



This is a strong creature, but if you utilize a Woolly Rhino or Dimorphodons, you can knock it out before it can assault you.


Coming soon.


If it can’t catch up, it will toss some dirt ball at the player. Once being hit, your vision will be harmed, your speed gets decreased, you get poisoned and much more.


Coming soon.


This creature can be utilized as a moving Catapult Turret. It’s able to toss some rocks at the opponents. No need to get ammunition, it can snatch some from the ground.


Siege Weapon: Chalicotherium is the tamable dinosaur besides from the Rock Elemental which tosses the boulders to give out large damage to other constructions and animals. But different from the elemental, the Chalicotherium is capable of reaching the platform saddle mounts by climbing onto it and then utilize them as the siege tower. Due to the tiny size and high speed, it’s able to control and rearrange the position faster. Its precise range is not as long as the Catapult Turret, it doesn’t require ammunition for reloading. You should level up its stamina for some rock throws as well as melee damage form some strong boulder throws. Also, its health should be leveled up as well in order to get through the return fire launched from the turrets or protector firearms.

Gatherer: The left click swing of the Chalicotherium moves in a broad arc and it possesses a fast attack speed, which permits it to collect a lot of berries and thatch faster It is able to collect wood as well, but it’s not effective much. In addition, the Chalicotherium also possesses a C attack, and it can utilize it while running for gathering berries. Try to level it up in weight, stamina and speed.

Mount for all purpose: Chalicotherium is an adaptable mount. It is able to run faster! Due to high health, large damage and giant knockback whenever it assaults, you are able to beat most of the predators, even knock out Rex! It’s able to collect a bunch of Berries so that you can use them for yourself or go taming other creatures. It’s also an only herbivore who is able to collect Raw Meat by tossing a rock at a dead body. Level it up in speed, health, and melee damage.




The Chalicotherium was exposed by Drake for the first time on July 23rd, 2015

Its dossier was launched by Jat on January 25, 2016

Even though it’s just like a mixture of a giraffe, and gorilla, Chalicotherium is still considered as a cousin of horses and rhinoceroses.

The name Chalicotherium means Pebble Beast in Geek, which alludes to its pointed teeth that drop out when they are grown up.

In Latin, the meaning of Obsidioequus is Siege Hordes, which alludes to its relative, namely horses and the skills of the catapult.





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