- in Dino Dossiers
Common Name DodoRex
Group Event Creatures
Species RaphusRex
Time Period Unknown
Diet Carnivore
Temperament Aggressive
PC Release Date October 28, 2015
Xbox Release Date November 2, 2016
PS4 Release Date Not Yet Released
ARK: Fear Evolved

ARK: Turkey Trial

ARK: Winter Wonderland

ARK: Eggcellent Adventure

ARK: Awesome Anniversary



Spawn Command [Expand]
Tameable Yes
Rideable Yes
Breedable No
Saddle(s) No Saddle Needed
Rider Weaponry No
Humans Can Carry No
XP For Kill Level : 30.00 XP

Raw Meat

Raw Prime Meat

DodoRex Mask Skin

Special Loot Chance 100%
Feces Size None
Drag Weight 1000
Immobilized By
Large Bear Trap
Can Damage  Thatch






Get ready to say hi a famous creature named DodoRex in ARK Survival Evolved game! This is a kind of special creature that is used as a small part of ARK: Fear Evolved, and also, it can show up in other different events too. If you are interested in DodoRex, you should find out some basic info, including appearance, behavior, dossier, strategy to battle against it and so on.

Basic Info


Wild: DodoRex appears to inhabit somewhere around the beach. A big close attention of Dodo can draw the attention of DodoRex.

Domesticated: I can be considered as a great burdensome beast, but it’s too dumb!

Note: The dossier above is just a fan-made one, so it’s unofficial.


Movement: The DodoRex is extremely quick, and it’s even able to run faster than other creature in a short time. It’s good at swimming too, it can swim at a fast speed in water.

Attacks: There are to DodoRex’s assaults. The creature only concentrates on dealing damage attack forward, but it’s not completely an AOE. Seemingly, it just only destroys roughly 30-degree cone ahead of it. When it swims, it is unable to utilize the front fire AOE. All metal structures can be greatly demolished by DoDoRex, he can wipe out metal walls or any bases in just a few seconds. The Dragon boss is not as powerful as DodoRex.

Health: DodoRex has high health points, like 666,666 HP at the first level. It will recreate 250 HP every single second. Due to its high HP and a fast health recreation, it will be able to take down a bunch of players and other resources without worrying about losing a large amount of HP.


ARK: Fear Evolved + ARK: Fear Evolved 2: In these two events, the online survivors will be notified by a text saying the DodoRex is about to spawn. When it shows up, the moon becomes orange, along with the outline of the head of DodoRex going through it. The DodoRex will generate on the each third day at midnight and the players only have 7 minutes to destroy it. It doesn’t have a fixed location whenever it spawns, and most of the locations are so random.

ARK: Turkey Trial: You must utilize 1000x Wishbone at the cooking pot to call for Dodorex and claim it. You can ride it without the assistance of saddle, and you can stay on it in 15 minutes prior it vanishes.

ARK: Turkey Trial 2: You have to utilize 400 Wishbone to call for Dodorex and claim it. You can ride it with no saddle in 25 minutes before it vanishes.

ARK: Winter Wonderland: By utilizing 166 Coal at a cooking pot, you can call for DodoRex and claim it.

ARK: Winter Wonderland 2: By utilizing 300 Coal, you can call for Dodorex and claim it.

ARK: Eggcellent Adventure: Make a good use of 500 Bunny Egg to call for DodoRex and demand it at a cooking pot.

ARK: Awesome Anniversary: If you use 100 x Birthday Cake, you can call for DodoRex and demand at a cooking pot. You no need to put a saddle on it for riding, you can mount it in 30 minutes before it vanishes.


DodoRex has a big body filled with features just like Tyrannosaurus, and it has a Dodo head. There are plenty of brown feathers all over its body. But there are still some body parts that are not covered with feathers, such as head, a front neck, underbelly, below legs and its tail. All hairless locations have several cracks that can be seen, and there are some neon blue stripes on the tail and the underbelly. Its head is shaped like a head of Tyrannosaurus, also its beak is just like a Dodo’s beck.

In its mouth, its lower jaw has 16 fangs, and its upper jaw has 18 fangs. It doesn’t have big eyes, they are just small and yellowish orange with pupils that are black. Its feet are just like Theropod’s feet.

Color Scheme and Regions

Whenever DodoRex spawns, its color scheme is always the same, and there are no color regions on it. Due to that, you can’t create some changes to the congenital spawn colors of DodoRex.


Achievement: “Fear Evolved: DodoRex Hunter” (once being destroyed OR called for)

Base Stats and Growth

In Survival of the Fittest, the creatures will have discrepant stats

Basic Stats

Attribute Amount at Level 1 Increase per point Taming Bonus
Wild Domesticated1 Add Mult
5Health 666666 +133333.2 +5.4%
1Stamina 1666 +166.6 +10%
2Oxygen 150 +15 +10%
3Food 3000 +300 +10%
6Weight 500 +10 +4%
7Melee Damage 6662 +33.3 +1.7%
4Movement Speed 100% N/A3 +2.5%
8Torpor 3500 +210 N/A4 +0.5
  1. Percentages are depended on the value of the stat at the moment when the creature was domesticated (after the effectiveness of taming)
  2. The absolute Base Damage is displayed here rather than the percentage.
  3. The movement speed of untamed creatures won’t be developed and leveled up.
  4. Torpor develops every single level on the untamed creatures, but it can’t be developed after they are domesticated.
  • Check out Base Creature Statistics to find out a comparison of the creatures’ stats.
  • If you want to research on the way that levelup calculation operates, you should check out Creature Stats Calculation

Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Base Speed Sprinting Stamina Used
Wild Domesticated
Walking 1300 2860 2860 40
Swimming 1300 N/A N/A N/A
  • The table shown above is the base speeds of the creature, and they are at 100% Movement Speed.
  • Check out Base Creature Speeds to find out a comparison of the creatures’ speeds

Attack Values


Melee Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation The DodoRex will chomp on the prey to deal a fair damage if you utilize left mouse button, R2 button (for PS4), and RT button (for Xbox One).
0 2150 0 0
Attack Type Damage Projectile Values Torpor Values Status Effect: Stamina Status Effect: Torpidity
Life Impulse Radius Base Mult Duration Damage Mult Amount Duration Damage Mult Amount
Melee 666
Flame Stamina Cost Attack Range Description
Base Minimum Activation The DodoRex will burn the prey and take roughly 20% of their health away more than 10 seconds if you utilize the right mouse button, L2 button (for PS4), and LT button (for Xbox One).

The firebreath=attack can deal 2000 damage and it can be used a lot of in 10 seconds. The Melee Damage stat doesn’t have an effect on the fire damage, so level-ups won’t make it develop.

Wild Stats Level-up

Input any values of an untamed creature to check out the stressed stats. You will be able to take back the breeding stats for your domesticated creature by using the tool called ARK Stats Extractor.


Keep in mind that the tamed creature will receive some bonuses on several stats, which counts on the taming effectiveness. This will cause it to be very hard to take back the levels on a domesticated creature. Therefore, this tool is just only used for the untamed ones.



Although DodoRex just only shows up in some events, you shouldn’t underestimate its strength because it is completely able to demolish metal structures and defeat lots of waves of powerful dinosaurs. If it’s called by another tribe for destroying your base, you must employ all dinosaurs and weapons you have to battle against the DodoRex.


If you want to get rid of a DodoRex, you should try to tempt it into the ocean where its fire attack can’t work. After that, you will use 3 Carbonemys to assault it, and deploy Mosasaurus and Plesiosaurus at the back to assault it. However, one of your Carbonemys can die from this tactic. So, you should prepare your Quetzal, a saddle on it, or an Argentavis with a hookshot to kill the DodoRex in case it kill one your Carbonemy. Then you can shoot it from above!


Some powerful dinos, advanced weapons, and luck


Both attacks


The DodoRex can easily kill any tamed creature or player quickly unless attacking from range. An easier way to kill the DodoRex is to ride on a Quetzal with a Platform Saddle and shoot down on it. This can still be extremely time and resource consuming and is suggested to do with the help of a tribe.


DragonAsis and Drugged Kaddy are the ones that created DodoRex.

The dossier of DodoRex was launched on 25 September 2015 on Twitter, followed by an image of a gory page. Then, the DodoRex graphic was released on Steam in several hours later, along with an illustration “This is a strange Dossier, it was found by itself, covered in blood, among a pile of gnarled bones. We expect to have more information over the next couple of weeks as we continue to research the cause of this spooky atrocity!”

The size of DodoRex is approximately as big as Giganotosaurus’s size.

DodoRex can be considered as one of the most powerful creatures to destroy because it has high HP pool, strong assaults, quick speed and quick health recreation.

You can hear the Fear Evolved Soundtrack when you are close to DodoRex

You will get the DodoRex dossier if you demand the DodoRex after calling for it.

The DodoRex would reward the Rex Dossier once destroyed before the patch 225.1.

The DodoRex is known as the powerful creature that is able to destroy some giant and aggressive creatures such as Titanosaur or Giganotosaurus.


DodoRex DodoRex


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