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Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide

ARK Full Beginers Guide
Check more contents list Getting Started HUD: Status Bar HUD: Status Effects HUD: Inventory & Chat Leveling Up Tribes Starting Tools Collecting & Foraging Hunting & Cooking Crafting ...
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Preview Inventory and Chat
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HUD: INVENTORY AND CHAT Inventory is a place that can store your collected or crafted items. There are some sections appearing in the inventory that you may need ...

Preview Status Effects ARK Numbered
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HUD: STATUS EFFECTS Status Effects With the HUD: Status Effects, you will understand what your character feels! These effects can display the body temperatures when eating. You need ...

ARK Survival Evolved
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HUD: STATUS BAR Since ARK is a survival game, you are supposed to learn about your status whenever join the battle or do the missions on your quest! ...

ARK Beginers Guide
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Beginner’s Guides Hello, survivors! Thanks for showing your support to the ARK Survival Evolved game! We are pleased to give you a full guide for beginner for the ...